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SELZER POLYMERS are the toughest Water Tanks available in Indian Market. They are produced to remain UNBREAKABLE even under toughest and roughest conditions. They can even take the impact of drop from over 10 feet height with water.
100% Virgin Food Grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) materials is used for manufacture of SELZER water tanks. These are different from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) materials, which is commonly used by most other manufacturers. Advance Blow Molding technology ensures no degradation of material and offers safety and purity of water stored in our tanks.
Advanced single piece/monocoque structure which does not have any joints on the body of the tanks ensures extra toughness and longevity.
Advanced computer controlled blow molding process ensures high quality tanks without any joints / weak spots. The thickness of the walls of the tanks may be increased wherever required.
Air Tight threaded lids keeps water safe and fresh. No chances of lid flying out during windy days. No Chances of flys/Insects creeping inside water. No chance of dust/dirt getting inside the tank
Multi Inlet/Outlet Configuration help plumbers for easy connection.
SELZER offers the longest "Free Replacement Guarantee". We Replace the tanks for any manufacturing defects free of cost.