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About Us

SELZER POLYMERS is a Professional company, run by experts from plastic industry. We launched Kerala’s first Blow moulded 3 layer water tanks and 200 ltrs. L ring Drums. We have our most modern blow moulding plant at Mundur, Trichur, Kerala.

The blow moulding technology coupled with precise computer controlled process( PLC) ensures the production of water tanks without any joint or weak spots. The accurately calibrated wall thickness makes our Water tanks tough and durable. Use of virgin High density polyethylene ( HDPE) material along with Ultra violet (UV) protection prevents Cracking due to environmental stress and makes our tanks the best option for storage of drinking water. Selzer water tanks and drums do not fade even on continued exposure to extreme weather conditions.

SELZER water tanks from SELZER POLYMERS…nothing but the best…for you ..at the most competitive price.

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Plumber Friendly

Multi Inlet/Outlet Configuration help plumber for easy connection.             


Low Height

SELZER Offer very low height capsule water tanks which increase easiness for cleaning inside the water tanks.

Replacement Guarantee

We  offer the longest "Free Replacement Guarantee". We replace the tanks for any manufacturing defect free of cost.         

Virgin Food Grade HDPE Water Tank

100% virgin Food Grade HDPE material used for manufacturing. This is different from LDPE material that used by another manufactures.

Max. Emptiablity

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Air Tight Threaded Lids

Air tight threaded lids keeps water safe & fresh. No chances of lit flying out during windy days. No chnaces of fly/Insects creeping inside the water.

All New Blow Mouldering Process

Advance Computer Controlled blow moulding process ensure high quality tanks without any joint/Weak spots. The Thickness of the walls of the tanks may be increased whenever required.

Single Piece/Monocoque Body Structure

Advance single piece/Monocoque structure which does not have any joints on the body of the tanks ensures extra toughness and longevity.


SELZER POLYMERS are the toughest water tanks available in Indian Market. They are produced to remain UNBREAKABLE even under toughest and roughest condition. They can even take impact of drop from over 10 Feet height with water.


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We have our most modern blow moulding plant at Mundur, Trichur, Kerala.


Address: Door No. XV/595, Industrial Development. Plot, Ayyankunnu Industrial Estate Road, Anjur,        Kerala – 680601

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