Industrial drums

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Industrial Drums

Industrial drums are mainly used for the export of chemicals and food products. Due to its high chemical resistant properties, this drums has been widely accepted all over the world for the transportation of harsh and highly corrosive chemicals. HDPE DRUMS are the only packaging accepted internationally for storage and transport of food products. We offer 200 to 235 liters of chemical drums in different wall thickness as per customer requirement . Our quality standard has kept us as one of the most preferred supplier for chemical and food manufacturing companies all over India. Due to our customer friendly approach and reliability we are also satisfying international clients for their packaging needs. HDPE drums are 100% reusable and recyclable so considered as the most sustainable packaging world wide. 


Highly chemical resistant

Eco friendly

100% reusable and recyclable

High impact strength even from drop of 3 meter height with product filled

International design and highly compatible

Easily stackable thus saving transportation cost

Easy to handle

100% virgin food grade material

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