Rhino septic tanks

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Rhino septic tank

Selzer Rhino is India’s first HDPE ( High Density) septic tank. Due its robust design and construction is has become the most practical and safest septic tank on the market. Its build to withstand any harsh conditions thus ensuring crack and leak free product. It keeps true structural integrity and higher life expectancy compared to conventional concrete and LLDPE ( Low Density) tanks. Conventional tanks develop crack due to nondurability and tree roots which in the longer run leads to water leakage which contaminates well water. It’s a serious issue which goes unnoticed and comes back to us as highly dangerous diseases. Our social commitment has lead us to develop this product even though it took major portion of our resources and energy. its durability and low profile design make product installation easier and time-saving. Rhino septic tanks create the perfect environment for bacterial growth which ensures a high digestibility rate. The airtight threaded lids provide the uttermost safety and accessibility. The tank is also provided with anti-floating features which keeps the tank safe even in the time of flood.


India’s first HDPE Unbreakable septic tank

Robust design for ease of installation

Designed with anti floating features

Crack and Leak Free 

Non corrosive

Worry free Fit and forget concept

Two manhole design for easy accesse

Perfect environment for proper bacterial growth



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