Auto Clean Water Tanks

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Auto Clean Water Tanks

Selzer ‘Selfresh’ is the latest innovation from Selzer range of products. It takes water storage system to a different new level by helping its customers to live a worry-free life.

The design and technique of this system create a sediment free water supply to your home.

Fully emptiable design ensure easy cleaning thus saving time and energy. Selzer Selfresh tanks are made by 100% virgin HDPE raw material ensuring a healthy alternative for storage of water even under high temperatures. The USP of Selzer Selfresh is its ability to get rid of even the last drop of unclean water. Selfresh also ensures that no particles will ever clog the pipe or reduce the water flow in the pipe. It’s made to keep our family safe and sound.


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Fully Emptiable 


Multi Inlet/Outlet Configuration help plumber for easy connection.             


Sediment Free

Sediments are water contaminants that pose a major health hazard. The tank can auto-clean with its built-in
circulation system and offer clean and clear water for consumption.

Prevents Blockages Taps and Showers

The smart water outlets ensure the particle-free flow of water. The extra cost of fixing taps and showers while using ordinary tanks is saved with the Selzer Selfresh water tank.

Double Layer Airtight lids.

The solid built of the lid with UV content prevents it from disintegrating. The lid is threaded, two times thicker, stronger and blocks the passage of light and prevents the formation of algae.


Virgin Food Grade (HDPE) material is a Nobel prize-winning innovation that prevents plastic-borne health risks. It keeps the water pure and safe.


The endurance factor is established through hammer test and drop test. It has unmatched structural integrity and withstands high and sudden impact conditions.

3 Layers

Advance Computer Controlled blow moulding process ensure high quality tanks without any joint/Weak spots. The Thickness of the walls of the tanks may be increased whenever required.

10 Year Replacement Guarantee

Advance single piece/Monocoque structure which does not have any joints on the body of the tanks ensures extra toughness and longevity.

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