All of us know that water is inevitable for sustaining life. We are also aware of the importance of its cleanliness for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Still, are we doing everything in our capacity to keep the water us and our families consume safe? If you say ‘yes’, then when was the last time you cleaned that water tank at your house? Do not sweat it. Research has shown that only a few of us would plan to do it, and only fewer will do it in time. Can you imagine why?


But, before we dig into it, let us take a look at the reasons why you should pay attention to the condition of your water tank.

• Left unclean, mud, silt and other deposits can settle at the bottom of the water tank, making the water unfit for usage.
• These tanks may also act as a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to various water-borne diseases. Algae is a bacterium that commonly grows inside water tanks and can find its way even into your kitchen if left unchecked.
• Rust that gets accumulated under the water tanks can give a brownish tinge to the water.
• Water filtration systems may get easily damaged due to the continuous in-flow of contaminated water from uncleaned water tanks.

Now that you know why it is crucial to keep your water tanks clean; let us check why most people are reluctant to do much about it.

• First of all, it is the positioning of water tanks. Often placed at heights, checking even the water level itself can be a gruesome task. Also, one careless misstep could end you up with serious injuries.
• Secondly, the size of the water tank can make the job tedious. Some tanks require people to get inside and clean it. Others demand specific cleaning products. Although a few such products are available in the market, cleaning water tank can be a handful for the common man. Moreover, finding the right disinfectant and applying it in the appropriate amount may also require some expertise.
• Thirdly, the periodicity of cleaning prescribed is also challenging. Experts suggest cleaning water tanks at least quarterly but assert it thoroughly depends on the quality of the water supplied.
• Finally, the difficulty a family has to face when they have no access to water for some time is also worth taking into account, especially for large families.

That lands us on our question of the hour. Is there a way to avoid the inconveniences of prolonged cleaning of water tanks without compromising the quality of water they store? Fortunately, you have come to the right place!

Innovation is all about coming up with a better solution for an existing problem. It was the devising of self-cleaning models that brought this change to the world of water tanks recently. With both a sediment-free outlet to pump water into your taps and a drain outlet to collect and easily remove the contaminants, you can be sure that your water tank does not mess with the quality of your supplied water. Also, tanks made with multiple layers of high-quality polymer eliminates the chances of bacteria growth and help it stand the test of time. Finally, manufactured using blow moulding technology, which is scientifically proven to dramatically lessen the weak spots on a tank by making them joint-free can ensure a long life for your water tank.

Selzer Polymers brings you Blow Moulded Self-fresh Water Tanks made of 100% virgin food grade High-density polyethene ( HDPE) material. HDPE is a highly durable polymer than can last years of wear and tear without any damage. Famous for its impact-resistance, HDPE requires only light cleaning now and then, making it ideal for
manufacturing self-cleaning water tanks. Moreover, our water tanks, built using computer-controlled processes (PLC) ensures that every inch of them gets promptly calibrated. Their three-layered wall and multi-layered lid proofs against Ultra-violet (UV) radiations; and help our water tanks outlast any other competitor products.

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